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In Vigolzone, near Piacenza city, is based one of the most advanced European companies in the industrial automation sector: MCM, designing, building and installing machining cells and high-precision, high-speed flexible manufacturing systems. Founded in 1978, the company was a precursor in the development of the automated factory: from the horizontal machining centers of the Clock, Tank, Action, Forerunner and Jet Five series, up to Concept, providing extremely high levels of performance in terms of speed, precision, flexibility, time- and cost-reduction.

MCM's production is based on a complete range of high-quality horizontal machining centers: FMC - flexible manufacturing cells, and FMS - flexible manufacturing systems. A series of standard automation modules completes the options to configure various plants according to the client's requirements. MCM also designs and builds its own range of electro-spindles, tool changes and rotating tables. MCM's strengths lie in its mission to support the client with a global solution proposal whereby MCM, in addition to producing the machine, develops the automation and all the sub-groups as well as manufacturing the components, tools, machining programs and management software for the whole manufacturing cycle of the pieces being produced. For this reason some of the major societies in the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors, as well as small and medium mechanical engineering companies - in Italy and all around the world - have chosen MCM.

Occupational health and safety

The occupational health and safety policy, implemented by MCM S.p.A. operates according to the following strategies:

  • achievement of a corporate policy which develops the safety culture throughout the whole company;
  • ongoing compliance with the occupational health and safety applicable regulations and of any other undersigned requirements;
  • achievement, where possible, of a continuous process’ performance improvement, in order to reach the highest level of efficacy and efficiency;
  • involvement of all levels staff and stakeholders to pursue the set targets of the occupational health and safety policy.

To achieve concretely these values, the corporate executive has designated a specific Management Representative, which shall provide a management system that allows the organization to:

  • pursue a continuous improvement of its own performances related to the health and safety on the workplace to ensure that any type of danger will be reduced;
  • lower the number of accidents and avoid the possibility of suspected occupational hazards, resorting, where possible, to new technologies and more efficient processes;
  • involve both staff at all levels and stakeholders to actively participate in the corporate values’ achievement, facilitating with the implementation of the training session, the understanding of their individual responsibilities and obligations in the field of health and safety;
  • introduce and maintain up to date the management’s and supervision’s procedures for the continuous monitoring of the staff’s health and safety and for the fulfillment of all interventions which are not in compliance with critical situations or anomalies.

The whole corporate structure takes part, according to functions and responsibilities, to the achievement of all targets in the field of the Occupational Health and Safety for which the organization establishes a programme that includes interventions to carry out, the responsible of the same, timing of implementation and allocation of resources. This policy and the same targets are periodically reviewed and compared with the goals set in order to verify their suitability and relevance.

MCM S.p.A. on Dicember 2013, the 20th has achieved the OHSAS 18001 Certification for the Occupational Health and Safety. This certification confirms that the Company Management System as been assessed and is in compliance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007.

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International Divisions

In 1987 was established the branch office MCM FRANCE in Paris following the sales and after sales service in France and Belgium.

The regional office in charge of Northern Europe’s area is MCM DEUTSCHLAND in Wiesbaden founded in 1996.

The North America area is followed by MCM USA Inc., founded in 1998, with its head office in Chardon OH from 1998.

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