MCM's strengths match its "MISSION": work with the customer towards a "global" solution including high levels of product personalization, great manufacturing flexibility, high precision and reliability, and "turnkey" supply.

MCM can now offer a complete range of top-quality horizontal, high-speed and high-precision machining centers, and multi-process modules able to respond to the highly sophisticated requirements of the various industries.

Finally, a series of automation modules completes the range of different plants that can be configured.

The market expects much more from a machining center today; the customer needs a manufacturing system able to provide the flexibility required by variables and uncertainties. This gives rise to the MCM slogan, which fully encapsulates the concept of flexibility: "Flex process, Flex solution, Flex production", guidelines that identify a well-structured solution that can live up to the customer's expectations.

To support its own manufacturing systems, MCM can rely on a Software and Architecture Information Division able to configure, integrate and optimize the management and use of the system through its plant supervisor, "JFMX", created by MCM.

MCM's customer now includes all manufacturing sectors where requests for extreme characteristics in terms of precision, speed, cycle timesaving and intense exploitation of resources are carefully evaluated.

MCM's slogan "the process factory" includes its mission in just a few words: with its technological basis of standard modules and automations, MCM is able to develop a customized solution for every specific problem.

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