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Collaborative robotics

The new industrial technologies are not intended to fully replace the human contribution, but must be aimed at transforming from a task-based organization model to one based on people who have full control of the process and technology

In the smart factory, at the heart of MCM strategic vision, operators evolve from machine operators to plant supervisors. Therefore, they must be provided with tools that make some operations less demanding and repetitive. Traditional solutions for use of anthropomorphic robots are potentially hazardous when spaces are shared by men and robots.

For this reason, in recent years, MCM has developed the use of collaborative robots, i.e. robots able to operate safely by sharing space with the humans. These robotic partners, whose control is closely integrated into the overall control architecture of the machining cell, are entrusted with repetitive and low added value tasks, such as fixing systems for workpieces or equipment, or checking of loading conditions and presence of some machining features upon unloading.

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