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EMO Hannover 2017
MCM Spa > Hall 27 – Booth E56
MCM > the evolution of 4.0 FMS solution

18-23 September 2017

MCM is a leading company in designing and manufacturing integrated production systems, with the cornerstone of its solutions based on top-of-the-line horizontal 4 and 5 axis machining centers.

Since the founding year 1978, 85% of the MCM machines went to become flexible manufacturing systems.
MCM complete and structured product line includes:

  • hi-performance machining centers with outstanding dynamic
  • flexible automation with a variety of automation elements to handle work-pieces, pallets and tools
  • jFMX supervising software and a range of software services in support of the manufacturing process developed by MCE software division.
  • manufacturing technologies to develop entire processes
  • system integration of non-core technologies to achieve a complete production system

enabling its customers to develop complex projects with just one experienced and reliable partner and to reach an unparalleled level of flexibility.

MCM experience and transversal multidisciplinarity allowed the real implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts on its FMS solutions long ago. The opportunities of this approach will be demonstrated live on MCM stand at EMO, with some concrete examples:

  • 4.0 TECNOLOGIES enabling opportunistic maintenance, optimized processes and integrated production
  • FMS TOTAL MANAGEMENT powered by supervising software jFMX
  • MULTI-TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES with easy robot programming solution
  • HUMAN CENTERED MANUFACTURING applied to the human interaction station


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