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1980 <span>Connection</span>
1980 Connection
1983 <span>Ferrari</span>
1983 Ferrari


Market launch of the Connection horizontal machining centre with built-in 4-position multipallet system and wheel tool magazine with tool holders arranged on 2 concentric circles. It boasts the innovative use of Numerical Control based on an industrial PC and achieves great market success by forming the basis of business development. In the following decade, more than 600 machines are manufactured and installe.


Just a few years after its establishment, MCM begins its collaboration with Ferrari Auto through the supply of the first machining centre, followed by many others in the subsequent years.

This marks the beginning of the collaborations with large industrial manufacturing partners.


Manufacture of the first major flexible manufacturing system (FMS) for Lucas Girling (UK), designed for the manufacture of braking systems and consisting of 10 in-line machining centres connected by automation elements. This is the first supervision software applied to the production line - all based on MCM technology.


MCE, the IT division of MCM, is established for the implementation of the supervision software on the LUCAS plant and for the development of software solutions dedicated to the management of complex plants.


Establishment of the MCM France facility is the first step towards an international structure.

The Mirror tool magazine, used by two machines, is conceived for shared and optimized tool management. The significance of the benefits is such as to make this solution still relevant today.

MCE develops the new FMX supervisor that significantly enhances the performance of the NCs of that period. The resulting supervisor has a huge impact on the level of flexibility and productivity of MCM systems.


Market launch of the new Action machining centre to meet the machining requirements of larger workpieces up to an X-axis stroke of 2200 mm.


The MCM Scara system tool magazine is patented, developed on a horizontal plane with polar coordinate Scara robot. The tools simply rest in their housings.