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Quality policy


Established in 1978 near Piacenza, Italy, MCM Machining Centers Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of high-precision and high-dynamic machining centres, which can be integrated into flexible manufacturing systems designed to meet specific customer needs. Since its establishment, the company has received recognition in markets around the world, particularly in the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Energy, Oil & Gas and Defence sectors.

The deep roots in the district of Italian machine tool manufacturers, together with the constant relationship with schools, universities and research institutes have allowed - and will allow - the company to develop professional skills and specialisations directly reflected in the excellence of its products.

Development policies, size and corporate organisation are focused on the ability to offer the customers solutions that meet their needs and that identify the company as an all-round and reliable partner


Our values

Customer focus, ability to listen, real and widespread partnership are the values that have allowed MCM to generate over time a design, technological and manufacturing ability that is reflected in the wide range of product lines, all characterised by the predominance of know-how developed within the company. The professional and human qualities of employees are the major assets of MCM: through their skills and expertise, cultural heritage and corporate identity are preserved and developed. The continuous training process proves the centrality of human resources as a significant value.

The transversal and complementary skills of MCM staff, together with the thorough mastery of the product, allow to design, manufacture and optimise all the systems and main components installed on the machines.

The overall technical background of MCM, its propensity for innovation, deep knowledge of processes and technologies are made available to users so that the relationship with the customer generates a virtuous exchange of knowledge, with mutual enrichment.

MCM constantly promotes collaborations with universities, technical institutes, international research centres and consortia for technological development. The aim is to create skills, essential for the development of products, processes and services that are increasingly integrated in advanced industrial contexts.



MCM S.p.A. has chosen to implement an integrated organisational system which regulates all company activities, with the Quality Management System as core, standards EN ISO 9001 as base and further independently defined requirements as completion. The system will be completed with the implementation of additional requirements relating to respect for the environment, safety and health in the workplace, full compliance of activities with mandatory requirements, regulations on administrative liability, protection of intellectual property, economic and financial management. The objective is to create an organisational model at the top of the industry in which it operates, capable of continuously measuring and improving the company performance and, accordingly, its relationship with customers, employees, suppliers and all parties concerned.

This is a strategic, long-term, ambitious path, which must be conceived and implemented with a constant commitment of all the actors involved. Internal audits and management reviews, which the standard ISO provides for to manage the evolution and maintenance of the quality system, will be used on an ongoing basis to ensure improvement.

In line with these principles, this Policy defines the general corporate guidelines for the implementation of the corporate organisational system, in particular the Quality Management System.

The main specific objectives are:

  • Adopt and maintain an effective Quality Management System, making use of audit activities to measure the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System, ensuring the adoption of any corrective actions.
  • Optimise business processes by correcting non-conforming products, processes, systems and improving overall corporate performance.
  • Promote correct behaviour models to reduce the risks related to the activities carried out.
  • Strengthen the level of expertise and professionalism of the staff through periodic training activities.
  • Define and disseminate the documentation required to support the functioning of business processes, making them more effective and efficient.
  • Make employees aware, and therefore motivated, about the importance of their activities and the way in which they contribute to the achievement of the company objectives.
  • Strengthen the relationship with external stakeholders, in particular with customers, increasing their level of satisfaction and systematically exceeding their expectations.
  • Apply an anomaly prevention approach to each process.
  • Ensure increasing Quality and performance levels.

This policy is available within the company through publication on the document portal and posting on the company notice board. It is accessible to all external interested parties via the company website www.mcmspa.it


Rev.00, 02/09/2019


MCM S.p.A.


Ing. Gian Luca Giovanelli