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What does Whistleblowing mean?

The term Whistleblowing refers to the spontaneous disclosure by an individual, called the “Whistleblower”, of an offence committed within the company, which he or she has witnessed in the exercise of his or her activities. This disclosure takes the form of a “Report”, to be carried out and managed in accordance with current regulations (Legislative Decree 24/2023 implementing EU Directive 2109/1937). The purpose of the regulations is to combat and prosecute unlawful episodes in general, implementing channels aimed at bringing them to light and protecting, at the same time, the person of the Whistleblower.

Who can report and what can be reported?

Different categories of subjects can make a Report:

  • Internal subjects (e.g.: employees, collaborators, trainees, volunteers, shareholders, directors, partners, etc.);
  • External parties who have a relationship/contact with MCM (e.g. customers, suppliers, consultants, etc.).

In general, any incident that may constitute a violation of national or EU law (unlawful episode) or a violation of company codes/regulations, which has been witnessed at the company or of which you have direct knowledge, can be reported . No reports may be made concerning grievances/complaints of a personal nature.


Who is responsible for handling reports?

The report must normally be made through the secure digital platform, which can be reached at this link

For further details, please download to the following documents:

  • Legal notes and privacy policy
  • Reporting instructions