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Global skills

Human resources at the centre
The essential wealth of MCM lies in the professional and personal skills of the people involved and who hold and develop the cultural heritage and corporate identity. The focus on the human resources is evident in the ongoing training processes.

The various, wide-ranging and complementary skills of MCM staff allow designing, manufacturing and optimizing all the main components installed on the machines. MCM directly handles all the design and development steps of its products, thus facilitating their flexibility and customisation.

Added value for the customer
The technical background of MCM, its tendency towards innovation and deep knowledge of the processes and technologies are made available to its customers. The relationship with the customer results in a greater partnership, generating an unrivalled conversation of information that increases the technical awareness and vision of both.

Responsibility for the territory
MCM has always been committed to harmonising its industrial activities with the culture of development of the territory in which it was born and operates, pursuing the progress and growth of the local production system, in full respect of the environment.

Training and R&D
MCM constantly promotes collaborations with universities, technical institutes, international research centres and consortia for technological development. The aim is to create skills, essential for the development of products, processes and services that are increasingly integrated in advanced industrial contexts.

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