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2003 <span>Clock Beretta</span>
2003 Clock Beretta
2003 <span>Jet Five Leonardo</span>
2003 Jet Five Leonardo
2005 <span>Jet Five EADS</span>
2005 Jet Five EADS
2009 <span>Tank 1300 GIMA AGCO</span>
2009 Tank 1300 GIMA AGCO
2010 <span>MTU Tank Multitasking</span>
2010 MTU Tank Multitasking


Debut of Action machining centre in 5-axis version with tilting head.

Introduction of the Jet Five family of machines with linear motors for machining of large structural parts, both in titanium and light alloys. Thanks to its versatility, this machine is the ideal solution for various industries, especially in the aerospace sector.


First Tank 1300 machining centre, the progenitor of the Tank range, characterized by innovative structural concepts for optimizing static and dynamic behaviour.

Aermacchi (Leonardo) purchases an FMS consisting of two 5-axis JET FIVES with tilting table and 3000x2000 mm pallets, for highly dynamic and precise machining of large aeronautical aluminium structural components.


EADS (Augsburg D) purchases a 4 JET FIVE FMS for machining of titanium structural parts (main FLAP). The 4 machining centres served by shuttle process titanium alloy workpieces with a length that can reach 2 metres. The required chip removal volume is impressive and is combined with the need to reduce tool wear. The system allows processing the solid material directly with a 400mm diameter mill and cutting speed of 40m/min.


Implementation of Tank range with new size frames and X-axis stroke from 1300 to 2600 mm.

Agusta Westland (Leonardo) commissions an Action 2200 5-axis machining centre with tilting head for the complete machining of helicopter rotors. The machine processes the whole workpiece and certifies the process.


Within the research project “Innovative Production Systems”, MCM presents Concept 600, the high-speed machining centre available in four-axis, five-axis or multitasking versions.

The Tank family also becomes multitasking: it can provide all the configurations required for multitasking machining (turning, milling, boring and grinding), adapting to each sector but particularly meeting the growing demands of the aerospace industry.


The Action machining centre with tilting head and multi-pallet, complete with process, is installed at CESA, an important Spanish subcontractor of Safran, to process the landing gear for the Airbus AM400.


As part of an important order for the international group MTU Aero Engines, MCM delivers the first Tank 1300 Multitasking machining centers for turning, milling and grinding.